A demonstration is planned at the University of Saskatchewan on Friday to call for universities to investigate thoroughly any faculty who may be misrepresenting their Indigenous identity.

The demonstration comes in response to U of S researcher Carrie Bourassa being put on leave from the university after her claims to Indigenous identity came into question.

The group; The Matriarchs, Clan Mothers, Aunties, and Allies is organizing the demonstration and are demanding immediate action and transparency on any questionable claims of Indigenous ancestry.

“We are raising our voices to demand immediate action from Canadian universities to conduct investigations through an Indigenous review, into Indigenous identity fraud allegations in their institutions,” read a statement from the group. “We expect transparent reviews and decisive action to immediately remove such individuals from any role or position related to an unsubstantiated claim of Indigeneity.”

The group is also asking for a review of any policy that may protect non-Indigenous employees who are claiming Indigenous status. They also as for restitution if any financial benefit may have been incurred as the result of fraudulent claims.

The walk will begin at the Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre at noon.