Tri-community residents now have a store close to home to grab their pets some treats and get some help with training.

Lac La Ronge Indian Band member Jayme Woodhouse-McKenzie, owner of Pawsitive Attitude Dog Training, held the grand opening for her new shop in La Ronge on Friday and Saturday.

Woodhouse-McKenzie said she received a lot of support from community members and their furry friends during her opening weekend.

“I did not expect the amount of people to come that did, but I was very happy that I received a ton of support from the community.”

The store sells raw pet food and treats with minimal ingredients, as well as toys.

Pawsitive Attitude also holds dog training sessions and socialization classes.

She said the store was needed in the area and will allow residents to buy from a local vendor rather than having to drive south for their pet’s food.

“Right now, I’m the only person that offers anything regarding dog training, dog products, etc.,” she said. “So, our community really needed this because there was no dog trainers, there was no place that sold raw dog food or treats that are limited ingredients.”

Woodhouse-McKenzie said she got into the dog training industry due to her love of dogs and seeing a gap in services offered in La Ronge.

“I was in the hospital for a long time and I found something that really gave me inspiration to get better and be happy (were) the dogs that came to visit,” she said. “That kind of encouraged me to go into the working dogs setting which encouraged me to do dog training and expand the business here in La Ronge, since there (wasn’t) really anything for La Ronge yet.”

Woodhouse-McKenzie plans to expand her business further in the future to include a spaces for a vet as well as kennels.

The shop is located on Finlayson Street behind Giant Tiger.

It’s open Tuesday through Saturday with the hours posted to Pawsitive Attitude Dog Training’s Facebook page.

(PHOTO: Jayme Woodhouse-McKenzie started her business a year ago with her service dog, Spencer, always by her side. On Friday, she opened a store front. Photograph by Sam Campling.)