Several Indigenous leaders are calling for a criminal investigation into a sign posted on Muskoday First Nations land Wednesday.

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations said the sign is racist and mocks the recent discoveries of unmarked and undocumented burials at residential school sites in Canada.

The sign states “White Lives Matter Too” in bold large letters. Below it reads “who else is gonna work and pay taxes so you can sit on you’re a**!” A single black shoe is hanging from the sign.

Leaving pairs of shows in public spaces has become a national symbol of recognition to the children lost to residential schools. It started in May following the discovery of 215 unmarked graves at the Kamloops residential school.

“We must stand up to blatant acts of racism and ignorance in this province that continue to go on without punishment.  This is disgusting and will not be tolerated under any circumstance,” said Muskoday First Nation Chief Ava Bear.

The FSIN has filed a formal complaint with the RCMP, asking for such hatred to be denounced.

“This is a hate crime and these racist acts that must be treated as such.  We are calling on the RCMP to find who is responsible for this disgusting act and charge them.  These children did not have a voice and now that they’re being found, they’re being made fun of by ignorant racists and we all must stand up against hate crimes in Saskatchewan,” explained FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron.

“Our youth and children have seen this sign on our lands, and we are calling on the RCMP to step in to investigate this act as a possible hate crime and charge the person or people responsible to the fullest extent of the law.  If we don’t stand up to these racists, who will,” Bear asked?