Clean-up and recovery is ongoing after a barge and tugboat capsized and sank on Lac La Ronge in June.

The boat and barge were on route to the La Ronge Dam with equipment—a skid steer and sheet piles—to be used for the dam maintenance project when it sank on June 16.

The incident happened about 45 kilometres from La Ronge.

The Water Security Agency said in a statement booms, devices used to contain spills, were deployed as soon as possible to stop any spread of fuel into the lake.

In the statement, the WSA said the tugboat and barge have both floated to the surface and are on their way back to town.

No injuries were reported from the incident.

According to the agency, the incident delayed the dam project only slightly.

The WSA said they have been working with the Ministry of Environment, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the Coast Guard, and the provincial hazardous materials coordinator during the clean-up.

(PHOTO: Map showing the location of where the barge and tugboat capsized and sank. Courtesy of the Water Security Agency.)