The Treaty 6 flag will fly at the La Ronge town office after a motion was unanimously passed by council.

The letter requesting the flag be flown was sent by community members Samuel Hardlotte and Hope Fietz-Hardlotte, and was decided on during a regular council meeting on June 22.

In their letter, Hardlotte and Fietz-Hardlotte wrote, “flying the Treaty 6 flag here in Northern Saskatchewan is an acknowledgment that you are on Treaty #6 territory.”

During the meeting, councillor Abby Besharah said she thinks flying the flag is a small thing to do in the big picture of reconciliation.

“From the absolute bounty that we do receive from the land that we are on within the Treaty, I think that $1,900 is a very small move towards a very large act in reconciliation by honouring the Treaty lands and raising the flag,” she said, pledging her support of the motion.

This is the second time Hardlotte and Hardlotte-Fietz have asked the town to fly the flag, the first time being in 2014.

The letter they wrote was also addressed to the Village of Air Ronge.

To fly the flag, the town of La Ronge needs to install another flag pole.

The quote for the flag pole and installation was $1,900.

Within their motion, council pledged $2,000 to pay for the flagpole and the flag.

(PHOTO: Treaty 6 flag flying in Saskatoon. File photo.)