The Men of the North support group is initiating a community clean-up contest starting Friday and ending Sunday.

The competition will have participants clean an area of La Ronge, Air Ronge or the Lac La Ronge Indian Band then send in before and after photos to be entered into an elimination-style draw for prizes.

Men of the North founder Chris Merasty said there is a need for a garbage clean-up around the communities.

“I went for a walk this afternoon and I must have picked up half a dozen face masks within a two-block radius. So, there is a need.”

He said the group had been planning to hold this clean-up earlier in the year, but it had to be postponed due to COVID-19.

Merasty said the hope for this initiative is to have as many people out cleaning as possible, which is why they’re supplying all garbage bags and gloves to participants with the help of Ace Hardware.

“To get everyone out and giving back to the community, that’s the main goal,” he said. “To get out and show a little appreciation for the community by cleaning up a section of it.”

The prizes to be won include gift cards for Dairy Queen, Subway and KFC, Men of the North merchandise, Tarrant Cross Child shoes and Underground Performance vehicle magnets.

The draw that will happen over Facebook live on Monday.

Merasty is asking that all participants respect COVID-19 restrictions during the contest.

(PHOTO: Men of the North logo. File photo.)