The La Ronge town council hosted their first public address Wednesday evening.

The event took place over Zoom and consisted of each member of council introducing themselves and a live question and answer period.

Mayor Colin Ratushniak also provided an overview of council’s 2021-2025 strategic plan.

An important aspect of the plan noted by Ratushniak was improving downtown.

“It’s something we have not started but something that we recognize is really important to revitalize the shape and the look of our downtown because we have waterfront there and it’s extremely valuable and a huge asset to our town and to the tri-communities.”

Another point touched on was community wellness.

Ratushniak explained having new initiatives come into La Ronge, such as the BGC Battlefords, could help with achieving this goal.

“I think that we have some really great agencies in town that are doing a phenomenal job but I think having the BGC come in and help us identify how we can make those work in a more synergy way might be a huge benefit to our community and our tri-communities.”

Once the overview was completed, the question period began.

One of the questions pointed to many of the council members election platforms including improved communications and then asked how they will be implementing this.

Ratushniak, who included improved communication in his campaign, answered by explaining they know there’s room for improvement.

“We know that we can do better with our communications,” he told the virtual audience. “One (way) primarily being our website and some of our own town social media, and looking at user-friendly ways of engaging with our residents as well. We’re talking about potentially getting an app and making it as accessible as possible to our residents.”

The strategic plan is available on the town’s website for residents to read.

Ratushniak said these addresses and live question periods will happen approximately every six months.

(PHOTO: Sign for the Town of La Ronge. File photo.)