By: Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter-Humboldt Journal

A petition of over 400 signatures was presented to La Ronge council for a dirt bike track to be built in the community.

The initiative was co-started by Pauline Quandt and her 16-year-old grandson Tyler Quandt, who was in an accident a year ago while driving his dirt bike on local SaskPower trails.

Tyler said the only reason the petition was started was because of the accident.

“I was clotheslined by a wire, almost got my life taken and ever since that day, barely anyone wants to run on any closed trails because they’re scared they’re going to hit a wire,” Tyler said

“I don’t want another kid going through what I went through because the pain lasted about a month. Three months it went on, and for another kid to hit, he could be younger and it could actually take his life.”

The result of hitting the cable wire caused a fractured knee, sprained ankle and a cut neck.

Tyler said it wasn’t the only cable they found, with other non-SaskPower unmarked cables being fastened on the trails.

While he said they don’t have a specific location in mind for a new dirt bike trail, they want it to be a safe venue for children to ride in the community.

“I just want a track for everyone to go to, everyone to be happy – a family ride out. I don’t really care how it looks as long as we can get a one put in, a decent one with a couple jumps and a kid area maybe.”

Steven Brown, La Ronge’s administrator, said following the presentation to council, the town will be reaching out to the Quandt family for further information.

The Quandts asked that any interested parties who wish to sponsor the track to contact the Town of La Ronge at