As opposition continues to mount over a proposed peat moss development south of La Ronge, the area MLA doesn’t think the project can come to fruition.

Lambert Peat Moss said it’s proposed project would see moss harvested from four cluster sites south of La Ronge.

In a nine-page information document posted to the company website, the project would take place in stages and identifies reclamation work.

The project would have an 80-year life span and employ up to 25 people.

The Saskatchewan NDP have introduced five petitions to the Legislative Assembly claiming to have 20,000 names from residents in several northeastern communities.

Cumberland MLA Doyle Vermette notes that the Lac La Ronge Indian Band, local trapper’s association and Métis are either expressing concern or have rejected the proposal.

“I haven’t seen many people saying they’re supportive, so I don’t know how the government could even consider this though the way the opposition is do it. It’s overwhelming. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Vermette said.

The Lac La Ronge Indian Band formally opposed the peat moss project following an assessment.

“The drainage of wetlands will have a harmful impact to fish and wildlife habitat including Woodland Caribou. The proposed roads and potential harvest locations will interfere with the traditional uses of land resources such as the gathering of food and plants used for medicinal purposes,” explained the First Nation. “The proposed peat moss project will impact ceremonial and spiritual events/gatherings, infringing on our Treaty and Inherent rights.”

Vermette said he supports the decision of the resident and local leaders and advises the provincial government to adhere to their concerns.