UPDATE – Police say they located the body of Cindy Roberts in water around 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.


UPDATE – RCMP say they located the body of Richard McKenzie in water Monday evening.

Police say the search for Cindy Roberts continues.


RCMP said it has recovered the body of a woman after a group of snowmobilers left Grandmother’s Bay Saturday.

The group was to report to Stanley Mission but has not been seen.

Mounties said ice conditions are poor in the area due to the spring thaw.

There is concern that the snowmobiles went through the ice, as the search and rescue team reported tracks going into open water outside of Grandmother’s Bay.

The woman’s body was discovered Monday.

Missing are; 26-year-old Richard McKenzie, who was last seen wearing a grey sweater, black joggers and a black and red hat. 38-year-old Cindy Roberts, who was last seen wearing a black jacket.

Grandmother’s Bay Search and Rescue and the community continues to actively search for the missing individuals.