One Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation (PBCN) community is going to have to hold a second vote for chief and council.

In a media release put out on the band’s general election Facebook page, Head Electoral Officer Burke Ratte said the community of Pelican Narrows did not listen to his instructions that ballots not be counted until members in Sturgeon Landing had voted. Sturgeon Landing has been forced to hold off on their vote due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

“All communities,except Pelican Narrows respected my decision to hold off on the ballot count,” said Ratte in the statement.

Furthermore the election officer claims other procedures were not followed and it is not known which members voted at the advance poll or the election day poll in Pelican Narrows.

The statement added all other communities have secured their ballots at their local RCMP detachments.

The media release goes on to say the results from Pelican Narrows are not official and added new dates will be scheduled for another a vote. Membership is being asked to standby and wait for more information.

“This (new vote) may occur on the same dates that election activities will be scheduled at Sturgeon Landing Reserve,” the statement said.