The Clearwater River Dene Nation is set to receive a substantial financial settlement from the federal government.

When Treaty 8 was ratified in 1900, it stipulated that certain agriculture provisions were to go to signatory First Nations who wanted to undertake farming.

The “cows and plows” would give a farming starter kit to a family to begin their operation.

Since that provision was not honoured, several Treaty 8 First Nations have filed compensation claims with Ottawa.

In March the Clearwater River Dene Nation was awarded $122.3 million, which will be distributed to band members June 1.

Chief Teddy Clarke said the settlement has been wired to the First Nations Bank of Canada.

The First Nation he said, is in the process of verifying or establishing bank accounts and information for the 2300 members to ensure payment.

Approximately 1800 members have submitted banking information. Children under the age of 18 will have their payout put into trust until they are an adult.

Clarke said some recipients have discussed using their payout to purchase a new vehicle or renovate their home.

In 2018 The Fond Du Lac Denesuline First Nation settled its agriculture claim, which included ammo and twine component for $86.1 million.

While Black Lake First Nation that year settled the same claim for $91.2 million.