The Northern Lights School Division is praising staff at St. George’s Hill School after they moved quickly to put out a fire Thursday morning ensuring no one was injured.

NLSD Director of Education Jason Young said the fire broke out in the boiler room before school started and principal Dan Matzner and another staff member took immediate steps to contain it.

“So, we had a principal and one of our facilities personnel respond to the fire,” he said. “They needed three fire extinguishers to put the blaze out. Just amazed that they were able to respond the way that they did.”

The fire started before the official school day began and Young said things certainly could have been a lot worse.

“It could have been a catastrophic event but fortunately we had staff that were at the school that responded to the fire and put the fire out to ensure there were no further damages to the building.”

Young said students were sent home from the school immediately and will learn remotely for the next few weeks as staff figures out next steps.

He says the cause of the fire or extent of damages is not known at this time.

St. George’s Hill is a tiny hamlet in northwestern Saskatchewan located just south of Dillon.

(PHOTO: Courtesy St. George’s Hill Community School Facebook page.)