Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller is imploring First Nations to exercise caution when dealing with third-party companies attempting to sell COVID-19 vaccines.

“We have indications from the companies that these offers are indeed, not legitimate. That sets off a lot of alarm bells,” Miller said.

The warning comes as the James Smith Cree Nation has reportedly tried to procure millions of vaccines from a Texas based medical supply company.

“My greatest worry would be to see the chain of custody in these vaccines compromised. I know the logistics and the incredible operations that Canada is deployed to make sure that safe, effective and free vaccines get into this country in a safe way. Money isn’t my worry. My worry is the health and safety of the people that would get that vaccine,” explained Miller.

The Saskatoon Star Phoenix reports that it has obtained a document from Davati Medical Supply LLC to the FSIN. The discussion document suggests that Davati Medical Supply could obtain six million AstraZeneca doses at a cost of $21 million.

Even the provincial government is skeptical of the offer, as a government spokesperson says it does not appear to be legitimate.

“That may be very, very attractive and may indeed seem too good to be true, I would venture to think that if they were legitimate, the Government of Canada will be all over them in procuring them and offering them for free,” said Miller.

Miller said that law enforcement has been contacted and the First Nations should view anyone not representing Health Canada with skepticism.