An Indigenous hockey apparel company is gaining lots of traction across Canada.

Smudge the Blades was started in Sept. 2020 by Harlan Kingfisher, who is a former junior and college hockey player from Sturgeon Lake, SK.

“When I was playing hockey in junior and in university, before any big games, I actually smudged my hockey stick and my gear with some sweet grass before I went out and played,” said Kingfisher.

A portion of the proceeds from the gear help First Nations youth buy hockey equipment.

“I grew up on a First Nation community and I know how hard and expensive it is – even just being a father with my sons in hockey, it’s really expensive,” said Kingfisher.

“I grew up getting hand-me-down gear or my dad would just buy some from garage sales and stuff. I know how hard that was, so that was my main focus – trying to give back to the community.”

Kingfisher says he has also recently created a scholarship as well.

For more information, you can find Smudge the Blades on Facebook, Instagram or you can visit the website.

(PHOTO: Smudge the Blades gear. Photo courtesy of Smudge the Blades.)