An organization made up of current and former Métis leaders has filed a legal action against the Métis Nation Saskatchewan (MN-S).

The group which calls itself Métis Nationalist Movement Saskatchewan filed the action Thursday morning at provincial court in Saskatoon.

In a media release Clément Chartier, who was said to be acting in his capacity as a member of the Métis Nation local from Buffalo Narrows, said the current leadership of the MN-S is violating the organization’s constitution.

“I stand firmly in the corner of the Constitution which was adopted in December 1993 by over 900 delegates gathered in Saskatoon based on our inherent right of self-government. This was a solemn declaration of our rights as a people,” he said.

Chartier added the group hopes the court will set aside amendments made to the MN-S election act in 2019.

Métis Nationalist Movement said in the release that over 60,000 unregistered Métis people will be left out of the election process due to the election act changes. The media release also said the registry offices for the MN-S have been closed since last March, making it difficult for people to register.

In an email to MBC News the MN-S declined to provide comment as they had not yet been served with the action.

(Submitted Photo: Jim Durocher, left and Clément Chartier outside provincial court in Saskatoon Thursday morning)