The Environment Ministry is shedding new light on accusations of racial comments made by a Sask. Conservation Officer towards a First Nations hunter.

Ministry officials confirm that a CO encountered Darcy Iron of the Canoe Lake Cree Nation on Dec. 30, while he was hunting with two children.

“As part of a normal field check, the officer learned that Mr. Iron had outstanding warrants, and that he was prohibited from possessing firearms,” said the Ministry in a statement. “Mr. Iron was subsequently arrested and the firearms were seized, as required by law.”

Its alleged that during Iron’s detention the CO made the following statement. “While I was in his car, the CO said ‘You guys are always driving around shooting out your windows and ruining things for everyone.’”

Iron accuses the conservation officer of leaving his two children aged 11 and 9 in his vehicle unattended for over an hour.

“The officer attempted to confirm outstanding warrants as per normal standard process. Warrants must be verified by home RCMP detachment in which the file originates,” states the Ministry. “Due to the delay in getting a response from the RCMP, the officer released Mr. Iron and provided an opportunity for voluntary compliance with the warrants at a later time. However, the firearms had to be seized, due to the prohibition.”

The Ministry did not address through either denying or confirming the allegations that Iron’s children were left unattended for over an hour or that the conservation officer made the alleged racial comments.

“My children were left alone in my vehicle with no information for over an hour. They were scared and now they don’t feel safe going out hunting because they see what happens to us even though we did nothing wrong,” explained Iron.

“To date, the ministry has not received a written statement of complaint from Mr. Iron. However, the ministry intends to reach out to Mr. Iron, to let him know that option is available,” the Ministry said.