The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples continues to demand police charges against a La Ronge First Nations woman be withdrawn.

Twenty-year-old Emily Kammermayer faces a number of charges after an altercation with RCMP officers at the La Ronge Health Centre in late December.

At the time, she was demanding an x-ray for her two-year-old son who had injured his arm.

Charges include assault of a police officer, resisting arrest, uttering threats and assault with a weapon.

CAP National Vice-Chief Kim Beaudin said the charges hold no water and should be dropped.

“There’s a miscarriage of justice, there’s a number of issues that come into play that really in a sense she will not get a fair trial should there be one,” he said. “We believe that we could address this a lot sooner.”

Kammermayer claims she was unnecessarily roughhoused by police because she is Indigenous and was only demanding what was best for her son.

She said she suffered a concussion and other injuries as a result of the altercation.

Beaudin added he believes the situation could easily be resolved without going any further in the courts.

“The best-case scenario should be going to mediation.”

Kammermayer has also filed an official complaint with the RCMP and it is currently being investigated by the professional responsibility unit.

She and Beaudin held a virtual news conference Thursday morning.

Kammermayer is next due in court this coming Monday.

(PHOTO: Emily Kammermayer. File photo.)