The ongoing pandemic continues to create issues for various sports leagues around the province.

The Saskatchewan Treaty Hockey League was hoping to drop the puck on its inaugural campaign, but due to the uncertainty with COVID-19, the league will now focus on the next hockey season.

“At our league meeting, we decided we would postpone any play in the season and take a start next fall,” said Kevin Roberts, who is the president of the Saskatchewan Treaty Hockey League.

Roberts also says there has been a lot of buzz about the Saskatchewan Treaty Hockey League.

“It created a lot of interest just because at the time, there was no hockey at all, I think there was a lot of hope that we would get a season out of it,” said Roberts.

“With this new league, it was going to provide a good opportunity for a lot of communities that weren’t in leagues at the moment. We’re all pretty much familiar with each other and so that would’ve created some good rivalries already.”

The league will feature two divisions and it was officially formed back in September.

(PHOTO: Saskatchewan Treaty Hockey League logo. Supplied image.)