Northerners rallied Saturday to find a man stranded in frigid temperatures.

George Venne Jr. set out from a cabin at Besnard Lake Saturday morning. Yet, during his excursion, he experienced snowmobile issues.

He was forced to leave the broken-down machine and walk by foot to an abandoned cabin, which had no wood.

RCMP said at approximately 5PM a local search and rescue team was comprised and set out to locate Venne. Venne would be located a few hours later by two men from Sucker River, identified by Lac La Ronge Indian Band Chief Tammy Cook-Searson as, Trevor Ratt and Jason Halkett.

RCMP said the search team transported Venne, who was experiencing hypothermic conditions to The Morning Lake/Clam Lake Road, where a waiting ambulance drove Venne to La Ronge for medical treatment.