The association representing northern communities, is joining other leaders in calling for the return of daily community COVID reports.

“It’s something that we can take into our own deliberations and make sure that we are trying to battle COVID, the best we can,” said New North Central representative Jordan McPhail. “The more accurate and updating information we can receive gives us the best information at hand to be able to do those to make our business decisions that we have to make at the municipal level.”

The Sask. Health Authority ceased issuing these reports around the new year, citing it was not able to issue these reports daily and that it was impacting the care to the North.

McPhail and other leaders are in favour of having the daily reports re-instated. “It allows us not only municipal leaders to make decisions that’s best for the municipality, but also lots of parents, and caretakers of elders, let them know kind of where the communities are and where they’re comfortable on accessing the services they will require in the community,” McPhail explained.

The North has experienced increased confirmed cases in several communities, even the Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority has issued several declared outbreaks due to evidence of community transmission. McPhail said New North will continue to advocate for the return of the reports.