Two First Nations whom have purchased land in Regina are one step closer to finalizing a municipal services agreements.

The Executive Committee is recommending that Council proceed into such a partnership with the Carry the Kettle First Nation on a 300-acre parcel of land in the northwest of the City.

Pat Fiacco, who is representing the First Nation, addressed the Executive Committee at a public hearing Wednesday.

“This Carry The Kettle urban development project is to create economic opportunities to build wealth and enhance the quality of life for Carry the Kettle First Nation members for generations to come,” Fiacco said.

“The mission of the Carry The Kettle urban development project is to establish an urban reserve based business, residential environment and legislative framework that attracts developers, investors and entrepreneurs. Our development will be phased in over 20 to 25 years.”

The land was purchased in 1998 and intended for development. Fiacco said the First Nation is engaged with Indigenous Services Canada about the creation of an urban reserve, but that a municipal services agreement was needed. Council voted unanimously to move forward with this agreement.

Regina and the George Gordon First Nation have also completed a municipal services agreement for 400 Broad Street, but now need the necessary bylaw to execute the agreement.

Under the agreement, George Gordon has agreed to pay certain annual property taxes, but the First Nation would negotiate a policing agreement with the Regina Police Service.

George Gordon too is seeking urban reserve status for their Regina land. Council is expected to approve both agreements next week.

Photo by Dan Jones