A video tribute marks the fifth anniversary of the La Loche shootings.

Jan. 22, 2016 will forever be remembered in that Dayne and Drayden Fontaine, Marie Janvier and Adam Wood were killed and seven others injured.

The video was put together by the Dene High School to remember those killed but also a moment of silence for the injured.

“It’s been five years since a senseless moment of violence changed your lives forever the kind of tragedy that no one should ever have to go through,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a video statement. “I want you to know that you’re not alone. Even from afar, I stand with you and I mourn with you.”

Trudeau pledged more supports for cultural, mental health and land-based programs.

“Together, we can do what we can heal together and move forward. And it’s really, really crucial to think about hope, all the time, and acknowledge the trauma that everyone has experienced not only in the school, but the community,” explained La Loche Mayor Georgina Jolibois.

The community will hold a virtual prayer this afternoon and a virtual gospel concert this evening.

Premier Scott Moe spoke to the resilience of La Loche following the tragedy, but he also wanted to remember the four people who died that day.

“We saw a community united and determined to recover and rebuild in the face of adversity that most of us could never imagine. The last saw an outpouring of support from across Saskatchewan, across Canada and around the world,” Moe said. “Today is also a day of reflection, of the healing that has taken place over the past five years, and the healing that will continue on. There is a long road ahead.”

The shooter, Randan Dakota Fontaine is serving a life sentence for pleading guilty to two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of second-degree murder and seven counts of attempted murder.

(Photo: Leaders gather in La Loche one week after the shooting.)