Saskatchewan is expecting approximately 1950 Pfizer COVID-19 vaccinations by next week. A pilot immunization program will commence on December 15.

The vaccine will be administered at Regina General Hospital and will target “health care workers in ICUs, Emergency Departments and COVID-19 Units at Regina General and Pasqua Hospitals and testing and assessment centres.”

The pilot participants will receive a second dose three weeks later.

“Phase 1 anticipated to commence late December, 2020 and tailored to a Pfizer delivery schedule of 10,725 doses per week,” the province said.

The allocation from Moderna has yet to be confirmed, but the province is anticipating 202,000 doses in the first quarter of 2021.

“Immunization targeted to priority populations, including health care workers, long-term care residents, and vulnerable populations,” explained the province.

Long-term care home residents are expected to be allocated 30,584 doses, health care workers 10,000-15,000. Residents over the age of 70 131,000 and residents over the age of 50 living in remote and northern Sask. 9,000.

In April, Saskatchewan anticipates wide-spread vaccination. Immunization sites will depend on availability, but “the goal is for all residents to be able to access vaccine where they live or work.”

The distribution of the vaccinations will prove to be complex. The Pfizer vaccine must be transported and stored at -70 C in an ultra low freezer, while Moderna can be stored at -20C.

The province has been allocated seven regular freezers and one ultra low freezer. “Ministry of Health has procured and awaiting delivery of 25 portable ultra-low freezers to assist with vaccine shipment across the province,” the province said. “Additional regular freezers will be purchased to store Moderna’s vaccine in public health offices throughout the province.