The Water Security Agency said freeze-up in the north will be wetter this winter.

This is due to above normal rainfall in late spring throughout the summer.

Officials are monitoring the Churchill River Basin, which was essentially considered saturated, causing concerns for peak water conditions and possible flooding in many communities.

“The Churchill River Basin is somewhere we saw well above normal precipitation near record in some areas for the end of October. It’s certainly one of those slots that we’re looking at. And we focusing in on as we move forward towards what our spring runoff looks like,” said Patrick Boyle of the Water Security Agency.

“Next is that snowpack over the winter, and then how that melts.”

Yet, its too early to predict ice jams and spring flooding as Boyle said that depends on the rate of melt.

“I think it’s something to just pay attention to right now and be aware of certainly,” Boyle explained.

Winter flows within northern areas are expected to remain above normal throughout the winter.  Wet conditions in the north will increase the risk of above normal runoff in spring 2021.