2020 has been a year of evolving challenges, but perseverance as the people of Northern Sask. had to navigate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s been a very unusual year. It’s created different challenges for people, which create new challenges and how we reach out and communicate with people,” explained MP Gary Vidal.

“But that’s been true of just about everybody in our society. We just have to adapt and do our best with it.”

Vidal commended the leaders in the north in how they managed the first wave of the pandemic in that they did a tremendous job in keeping their people safe.

He said the second wave of the virus poses challenges too, suggesting there is COVID-fatigue.

“When it gets into some of the rural remote communities, it’s a little more difficult to manage. I think the leaders have done a tremendous job still, but it’s been a great challenge for them,” Vidal said. “But overall, I think people are resilient and they think find a way to meet the challenges.

During the year, Vidal pushed the government solving long-term drinking water advisories on First Nations, getting quick federal response to aid for COVID-19 relief on reserves and ensuring that the Fond du Lac Denesuline First Nation water treatment center repairs were a priority, given the First Nation was in the midst of a pandemic.

He said looking into 2021, he will press Ottawa to have a vaccination plan for First Nations communities and the implementation for immunizations.