A La Ronge musician is preparing to debut her newest song.

Dara Schindelka’s latest release, The COVID Christmas was written when she had to go into isolation after testing positive for COVID-19. Schindelka was exposed to the virus through her work as a teacher at Pre-Cam Community School in La Ronge where she teaches music and arts education.

She explained being in isolation away from everyone, including her own family was a hard experience to go through.

“Being alone for a musician and a people person is quite difficult mentally,” she said.

Schindelka said she tends to write two kinds of songs. This includes both emotional deep heartfelt songs and ones which are more goofy and fun in nature. She added for her personally music is therapeutic and she is hoping her latest creation will be helpful for people.

“I want this Christmas song to bring some positive energy to a really negative situation and so that’s what I thought of when I wrote this song,” she said.

To record The COVID Christmas, Schindelka traveled down to Regina where she worked with a range of collaborators at the The Blue Door Recording Studio. She said the song will be offering listeners a different kind of experience.

“We added all the bells and whistles, literally, we have jingle bells, we have … yodeling … [it’s] just a really fun light hearted vibe,” she said.

The COVID Christmas is set to be released this coming Friday, Nov. 27 and will be available on all streaming platforms, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple iTunes and YouTube. It is also being made available to radio stations.

“Everywhere that you listen to music,” she said.

(Photo Courtesy Dara Schindelka Facebook Page)