The province’s chief medical health officer is concerned that COVID-19 cases will continue to be high following this weekend.

Saturday of course is Hallowe’en, in which young trick-or-treaters will be going door-to-door, young adults may be headed to parties or the nightclub.

Dr. Saqib Shahab recommends that people follow proper health guidelines when out this weekend.

“Stick to your consistent friends and family and try to keep it as safe as possible. Even if they are within your extended household still try to keep it as safe and as small as possible. We don’t really want to see another signal a week after Hallowe’en, and we did see a bit of a signal after Thanksgiving. And certainly, we don’t want to see a large signal of increased case numbers a week or two after Hallowe’en,” Shahab said.

As for young children, it is advised they can dress up and go out, but be mindful of keeping safe.

“Try to stick to your own neighborhood, go to a few houses who are participating. Follow the guidelines try to maintain the two-meter distance. If you choose to trick and treat, I think that’s going to be really, really important for children. We are supportive of those families wishing to do trick or treating to do that in a safe manner,” Shahab explained.

The average daily infection case count has climbed to 59 last week, an increase from 47 the week prior.

But Shahab said the new cases to recoveries is starting to balance out. Wednesday’s numbers indicate 67 new cases and 53 recoveries.

Shahab warned this weekend’s behaviour and possible case count in the coming weeks could determine what the gathering limitations could be for Christmas.

“For young adults this is not the weekend to be going to multiple restaurants and bars. If you do decide to go out, follow the guidelines that are in the Reopen Saskatchewan Plan. And stay with your group that you’re going to one facility. The aim is to go out and enjoy. And we’ve seen that if you follow the guidelines, restaurants and bars don’t prevent transmission completely, but you can get a small cluster, but we certainly don’t want to see a repeat of those mass transmission events that are happening,” Shahab explained.

On Friday, night clubs in Saskatoon will not be permitted to serve alcohol after 10PM, closing at 11 PM. Food services will still be provided. In-house private gatherings will be limited to 15 people.