The Saskatchewan NDP has committed to building a brand-new hospital and bridge in Prince Albert.

Party leader Ryan Meili made the dual pledges during a campaign stop in the city Wednesday.

He also said both projects while be built using provincial companies and labour only, something Meili accused the Saskatchewan Party government of failing to do in the past.

“In fact, of the big ten projects in the last few years, not a single one has been built by a Saskatchewan company,” Meili said. “It’s the wrong approach.”

The NDP Leader said the $300 million the Saskatchewan Party committed to a new hospital in Prince Albert earlier this year is only enough to renovate Victoria Hospital but not build an actual new facility which is needed.

He also said Prince Albert residents have waited far too long for another bridge.

“We’d get it built. We’d put the resources in and get it built. And this is essential infrastructure for the economic development of the area, for safety as people travel throughout the area, we know that bridge is needed.”

Meili failed to commit how much the party NDP would spend on either project saying cost estimates will be provided when the party releases its platform.

The NDP also says the sell off of the Saskatchewan Transportation Company has left 253 rural and northern communities stranded.

The party says this has left northern families without safe and affordable transportation to get around the province and between communities.

Years of cuts have also affected northern schools and healthcare, the party says.

In an emailed statement, the Saskatchewan Party accuses the NDP of reckless spending and that a new hospital in Prince Albert would cost $500 million and another bridge $150 million.

The party says the $300 million it has committed to an expansion of Victoria Hospital will increase the number of beds by 242, increase the size of the emergency department, add a helipad and provide enhanced medical imaging services, including a new MRI.

(PHOTO: Left to right, Batoche NDP Candidate Lon Borgerson, Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili, Prince Albert Carlton NDP Candidate Troy Parenteau and Prince Albert Northcote NDP MLA and Candidate Nicole Rancourt during a campaign stop in front of Prince Albert’s Victoria Hospital Photo courtesy Saskatchewan NDP Facebook page.)