The Métis Nation-Saskatchewan is turning to the Court of Queen’s Bench to prevent development of a uranium project in the southwest of the Athabasca Basin.

The MN-S allege that NexGen Energy is in breach of its obligations under the Study Agreement that was signed regarding its Rook I project.

The Metis claim that NexGen breached it obligations to negotiate an Impact Benefits Agreement in good faith.

It is asking the court for an injunction restraining NexGen from filing its draft environmental impact statement, damages and costs.

The MNS assert that the project is in Northern Region II, within the Northwest Land Claim and have a major impact on Metis people.

“We are concerned that NexGen is moving ahead with the Project without first meeting its obligations under the Study Agreement,” said Leonard Montgrand, Regional Director of MN-S Northern Region II. “We are disappointed by NexGen’s behaviour and how things have worked out. I was particularly upset when they refused to meet with us if we had counsel or advisors present. That type of attitude is offensive, paternalistic and has no place in 2020. Given no other option, we agreed to meet on these troubling terms, since we believed it was critically important that they understand how the Project will impact our lands, communities, and rights.”

The damages in the suit are unspecified and the allegations have yet to be proven in court.