The Lac La Ronge Indian Band is calling out the RCMP after video emerged on social media earlier this week of an officer punching a window and yelling expletives while trying to gain access to a residence in Stanley Mission.

The video is posted on the Facebook page of a man named Jonas Hardlotte.

In an emailed statement, the RCMP says the Stanley Mission detachment received a request for assistance from the local health clinic around 11:45 a.m. Tuesday morning.

It says the clinic had received a 911 call about an adult male who had injured himself and was bleeding.

The email says upon arrival, an officer could see an adult male bleeding through a window but was refused access to the home by residents.

It says the officer then began banging on the window, yelling and threatening forced entry if he and medical staff were not able to gain access to the residence for safety reasons.

The email says after several minutes, residents allowed the officer and medical staff entry into the home, the health and safety of those present was verified and they left.

The video shows the officer threatening to open the door with a sledgehammer if he cannot gain access.

He leaves briefly and the residents open the door.

The officer can be seen entering the home with axe in hand, along with two medical staff, before the recoding goes black.

In a press release, Lac La Ronge Indian Band Chief Tammy Cook-Searson calls the officer’s behaviour “frightening” and “inappropriate” toward a community member believed to be under duress.

The press release says the LLRIB met with senior RCMP staff Wednesday morning about the incident and the officer involved has been reassigned.

The RCMP says it is aware of the video on social media including the officer taking a cell phone away from an injured male and stopping the recording.

Mounties say the incident is under review.