As Ontario continues to deal with the fallout of a startling report on the state of seniors care home facilities, the Sask. Health Authority released its 2019, CEO’s inspections of long-term care facilities.

The 251 page reports provide a glimpse of the pro’s and cons of each care home.

In Ile a la Crosse, the inspection found that positives included local food for residents and increased cleanliness.

Concerns were raised about medication errors, falls and general safety issues. As well, residents there seem to want more baths.

The SHA responded that it would look to improve safety and provide more culturally appropriate care including meals and activities.

In La Loche, staff strive to provide more local foods, create a more home-like feel and in general were well at communicating with residents.

Yet concerns of inadequate active programming, inconsistent nursing staff, due to acute care duties and that there was a desire for residents to have an updated alcohol and drug policy.

Improvements will be made to nursing and recreational programming.

For La Ronge, residents questioned where the new facility is, complaining that the current building is too old and that there were not enough beds.

But the care home being so small allows residents to get to know other families and that there is a very active calendar.

Health officials committed to looking into the planning phase of the new long-term care facility in La Ronge.