The Prince Albert Grand Council and city police are set to meet Tuesday afternoon after a video surfaced on social media of an officer using, what the tribal council says, was excessive force while taking a suspect into custody.

The video, posted on the Facebook page “Rez R Us,” shows two suspects being taken into custody in a parking lot on Friday.

The video shows the suspect facing the sidewalk being hand cuffed and moved by one officer and then flips back to a second officer aggressively throwing the suspect facing the cruiser away from the car and to the ground, amidst protests from onlookers.

A release from PAGC says the tribal council believes much more force than necessary was used to take the suspect into custody.

A release from Prince Albert police says the incident happened around 8 p.m. in the 200 block of 32nd Street West on June 26.

Police say they were responding to a report of a fight and the method used by the officer to take the suspect down was appropriate, in light of the specific circumstances.