Saskatoon’s Allan Lafond is coming off his first season of playing with Dalhousie University in the Atlantic Football League.

He played his final year of high school football at Aden Bowman before advancing through the ranks.

Lafond, who is a defensive lineman, says he got interested in the sport of football through his family.

“I started playing in Grade 9, but growing up, my brothers liked watching football, so it would always be on the TV, so like CFL and NFL games would be on,” said Lafond. “When I was in elementary school, I played flag football and I really loved it, but then I was too physical as a kid.”

Lafond says he hopes to be a starter next season.

“I didn’t get to see much of the field in my first year because I was a rookie and there was much older guys in front of me,” said Lafond. “With some people gone in this next coming season, I hope to become a starter and see more action on the field.”

Lafond is currently studying arts and science, but he says he wants to major in political science and then eventually study kinesiology or law.

(PHOTO: Allan Lafond. Photo courtesy of Dalhousie Tigers Football.)