Concern is growing as water is rising on Highway 165 one kilometre east of Beauval.

The Beaver River has surpassed its flood lines and submerged a portion of the highway.

Swelling from the La Plonge Creek is also contributing.

The treat of a washout or the closure of the highway would impact the English River First Nation, La Plonge, Patuanak and Pinehouse.

Residents would not be able to access vital services in Beauval.

Mitigation efforts are underway such as applying a geomembrane and sand bags, but that appears to be a temporary measure.

The Beauval Emergency Operations Committee said it has informed the Water Security Agency, The Sask. Public Safety Agency and the Highways Ministry.

Jerry Morin, Incident Commander of the Beauval Emergency Operations said he’s getting frustrated by the effort of the province to stop the rising water.

“Put a little more effort into this. Right now, they’re [people] are still crossing the road, but there’s still a lot of water coming over the road right now and its washing out very slowly. Signs are posted up there that say cross at your own risk,” explained Morin.

Morin said it’s a matter of time before there is a complete washout, but to help avoid that, he suggested that the Highways Ministry dig the area to place to a culvert or install a temporary bridge. A request for an interview from the Highways Ministry was not immediately returned.

(Photo: Highway 165. Courtesy of Caser Gunner Facebook.)