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Frequently Asked Questions: 
Q: As a member, I was not consulted on questions. Why?
A: This is not a formal debate arranged by the LLRIB, but rather a civic initiative by a non-member leveraging publicly available information. The intent was to increase conversation around some core issues during Election, providing some additional information for voters.

Q: Ok, but where did the questions come from?
A: Primarily from a singular Facebook Group, Members of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band, which is not an official group. I had intended to leverage MBC’s Social- where I work- to gather questions, but unfortunately did not because of complicated delays w this election, delays with this debate, and changes of format.

I also read many published documents on the LLRIB website, crawled Google, asked every candidate if they had objections or wanted to provide input from their PoV and/or audience, and ran questions by MBC’s CEO, a Band Member.

I most certainly know the least about these issues when moderating Chief candidates; if I appear ignorant in comparison, I apologize. Such is never my intent.

Q: Why did this event change to a Non-Live event?
A:  Live is always more engaging, and I had wanted to utilize the Radio as well as Facebook Live. Alas, I am only one Civics Reporter and felt I needed to streamline so that it was manageable. Additionally, I was having some trouble with participation for this last-minute event, and thought removing the live element would entice more entrees. It did.

I hope this video inspires you to reach out to your candidate(s) via email or phone to ask Your Questions !!

Candidate Contact Info:

Special Thanks to Mr. Danny Mirasty and Members of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band (vai Facebook) for assistance in material sourcing.
All images for Candidates either from MBCFiles (Tom J) or Publicly Available Facebook Groups, either personal or Campaign