More COVID-19 cases continue to pop up in the Northwest.

As of late Monday afternoon, La Loche had 68 confirmed and 21 presumptive cases, while the Clearwater River Dene Nation had seven.

Of the 96 total cases, 84 are active.

In the daily community update, 24 additional staff are now in La Loche, assisting with contact tracing. Health officials ask that people who see a caller ID of “Unknown Caller” to answer the phone as it may be attempting to contact you.

The rapid testing machine is operation but has limited testing capacity.

A new shipment of personal protective equipment has arrived in La Loche. In other northwest communities:

Patuanak six cases, Beauval five, with one presumptive. While Buffalo Narrows, Ile a la Crosse and Jan’s Bay each have one presumptive case.

All presumptive cases are being flown to Regina for confirmation analysis.