The Northern community Beauval is coping with a small outbreak of COVID-19 cases, but the Mayor there is confident the virus can be isolated and contained.

Nick Daigneault said that changes to the community pandemic plan, as well as increased financial support from the province and the Metis Nation-Saskatchewan, helped to improve the readiness for when the coronavirus arrived.

He said residents are on high alert, a little stressed about the situation, but are taking precautions to flatten the curve.

Businesses have moved to online, pick-up or over-the-counter service to limit the spread of the virus.

While Beauval has approximately six cases, there is a concern as to what a spike in new cases could do to the overall health system.

“I still don’t think we would be able to withstand any sort of surge. So, if the numbers suddenly started spiking in the days to come, I think we would have to starting thinking of ways self-isolation could happen in people’s individual households,” Daigneault explained. “I’m still a little worried that if symptoms of anyone who has tested positive and has a slight case of the sniffles and it becomes quite serious, then I think our regional health system won’t be able to take it on.”

In case of a surge in new cases, Beauval has received eight new RV units and does have permission to lightly furnish provincial government empty social housing to act as temporary isolation units.