A La Ronge man is picking up litter around town and is hoping others will help too.

Matthew Maurer is cleaning up the garbage on the ground that is visible now that the snow has melted. He is also offering gloves and garbage bags to others who want to join him.

Maurer says he’s been picking up trash on his usual walking path but wants to get the whole town clean.

“There’s streets as you’re driving you’ll see trash on the side of the road and it’s hard to look at in such a beautiful community,” Maurer said.

Around this time schools would be having their students help with an annual spring clean-up. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are out and litter is piling up.

Maurer said he is hoping to encourage other community members to join him.

“I decided somebody’s got to take charge to kind of lead the community in a way to get out there,” Maurer said. “And they can take their kids out there and teach them a valuable lesson. That’s something I’m hoping will happen.”

Maurer says he knows more people want to help, but some don’t have the resources to do so.

“I know a lot of people want to do good and to do something, but not everybody has the means to go out and purchase a big box of gloves or garbage bags,” Maurer said. “So, I figured I might as well go out and grab some and share with anybody that wants to go out and do it.”

Maurer is asking that anyone who needs supplies to contact him.

Mayor of La Ronge Ron Woytowich said as of Tuesday he hadn’t heard of any litter clean-up initiatives being put on by the town.

(Photo courtesy of Matthew Maurer.)