A First Nations health authority, which serves much of northern Saskatchewan, says it has nowhere near enough personal protective equipment to deal with a potential COVID-19 outbreak.

The Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority serves approximately 55,000 people in 33 communities across northern Saskatchewan.

In a press release, the health authority says 40 per cent of its health sites do not have necessary PPE to support a COVID-19 outbreak.

In the release, NITHA board chair Chief Carolyn Bernard says they are concerned the provincial government has not consulted with the health authority on the PPE shortfall.

The Trudeau government has committed $50 million to provinces and territories as part of its $1 billion COVID-19 response package.

NITHA says it has put in requests to both Indigenous Services Canada and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health for 41,000 masks and face shields to meet a potential 72-hour coronavirus surge.