As social distancing measures continue and people are urged to stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19, home is not always safe for all

The Piwapan Women’s Centre in La Ronge is receiving calls for help amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Piwapan’s Executive Director Karen Sanderson says there are certain causes of domestic violence during social distancing.

“The stress levels, the no-where-to-go feeling and tensions being high with everything that’s going on can be reasons for it,” she said.

The centre has remained open throughout the pandemic.

When social-distancing measures were first put in place, Sanderson said calls were sparse because of social-distancing and a fear of contracting the virus.

However, calls for help from victims of violence are now starting to come in.

Although the centre continues to help community members who face domestic violence as it’s always done, certain safety measures have had to be introduced.

The first step for help has changed due to social-distancing measures and victims have to call the centre first before they can receive the help they need.

“We have some questions we have to ask just to assess the risk-level not only for the victim’s own safety but also for the safety of the other clients due to the pandemic,” Sanderson said. “And then once we assess that, we house them where we can.”

If you know someone in the community experiencing violence, Sanderson said there’s always a way to help them, even during the pandemic.

“Let them know that the shelter is open and we are still providing that service as best we can.”