Morning Star Lodge and Dr. Carrie Bourassa, the scientific director at the national Institute of Indigenous Peoples’ Health have created a strategy to keep Indigenous communities informed about COVID-19.

The strategy includes fact sheets and a series of informational videos about the novel coronavirus.

The videos are being posted on Morning Star Lodge’s YouTube channel.


“Morning Star Lodge is here to serve Indigenous communities, and we are doing our best to provide culturally safe, relevant and timely information in a variety of mediums,” Bourassa said. “These contributions of disseminating knowledge around the COVID-19 pandemic are critically important. Indigenous communities are strong, and thus we focus on those inherent strengths during this difficult time.”

The other resources can be found here.

Bourassa is the lead researcher at the Morning Star Lodge and a health research leader at the University of Saskatchewan.

“Dr. Bourassa and Morning Star Lodge have shown great leadership in responding so quickly with high-quality, practical resources to improve the safety of Indigenous people during the COVID-19 pandemic,”
Shelly Cory, executive director of the Canadian Virtual Hospice said.

Morning Star Lodge is an Indigenous community-based health research lab in Regina.

A goal for the Morning Star Lodge is to partner with Indigenous communities and groups such as the All Nations Hope Network.

(PHOTO: Dr. Carrie Bourassa. Photo by Dave Stobbe.)