A non-profit program in La Ronge is hoping to keep northern Saskatchewan youth active while schools are closed by offering free online martial arts training.

The Ninja Kids Martial Arts program will be streamed on Facebook Live for ages 8 to 16 in the north starting Monday.

The classes will be 20 minutes long and will cover some of the basics of martial arts.

Chris de Feijter is the head instructor for the Ninja Kids Martial Arts program which is usually held at Pre-Cam Community School in La Ronge.

Feijter isn’t holding in-person classes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ninja Kids Online website says, “As a non-profit corporation, we always think of ways to help kids in northern Saskatchewan be engaged.”

Those who are interested in the free program can join the Ninja Kids Online Facebook group.

“I hope many kids join during self-isolation and distancing times,” Feijter said in a Facebook post. “Budo and bujutsu have always been my highlight in life. It will be good for others as well. I would love to open our free non-profit online martial arts program to all kids in Saskatchewan.”

The program’s regular classes for members are also being held online beginning Monday night.

(Photo courtesy of larongeninjakids.ca)