A summit is taking place in Buffalo Narrows Saturday to discuss northern issues.

Frustrations have been mounting over commercial fishing, trapping cabins, traditional resource user fees, wild rice leases being reassigned and forestry rights.

“So every sector of resource development in Northern Saskatchewan, the northern people are quite frankly being blocked from accessing the land and opportunities attached to that land that they’ve enjoyed for years,” explained event organizer Athabasca MLA Buckley Belanger.

Yet the goal of the summit will be to unite northerners on these issues and advocate responsibly and legally to the provincial government.

Belanger said people are getting mad over these issues.

“People are starting to think much more in a deeper way to figure out how they could get this government to recognize that they do have a legitimate right to some of these resources,” Belanger stated.

Indigenous issues, educational challenges, MN-S registry and residential school are expected to be discussed.