Officers in Moose Jaw will be wearing a patch of moose hide on their uniforms to help raise awareness to gender-based violence.

The Moose Hide Campaign, which started in British Columbia, is a grassroots movement of Indigenous and non-Indigenous men and boys who are standing up against violence toward women and children.

Wearing the moose hide signifies a person’s commitment to honour respect and protect the women and children in their life and to work together with other men and boys to end violence against women and children. Several officers and staff pinned the patch on themselves this morning.

“This is an initiative that is focused on reducing violence, increasing safety and reducing victimization,” said Police Chief Rick Bourassa.

“From a policing perspective you can see the importance in that is really what our focus is, is to prevent all sorts of victimization. Reduce when we can, prevent when we can.”

Officers and staff participated in a smudging ceremony prior to being pinned. The officers will wear the patch until Feb. 24.

(Photo: Moose Jaw Police Chief Rick Bourassa being pinned with a moose hide patch. By Dan Jones.)