A second northern resident has had his cabin removed this month.

Travis Laliberte of Beauval says the Ministry of Environment removed the cabin on the north shore of Dore Lake last week.

“The reason I lost my lease was because the cabin was built approximately 400 meters away from the approved location,” stated Laliberte. “When they told me I had to move my cabin to the approved location, they also said if I didn’t, then a Minister’s order could be issued to have it removed and they would no longer accept any lease land applications from me. Now, I have no trapper’s cabin, and I am not able to ever apply to have one. I feel that not being able to ever have a trappers cabin now is like taking one of my Aboriginal Rights away.”

Ministry spokesperson Brant Kirychuck confirmed the cabin was removed, with the structure and contents seized.

He said the cabin was built on the beach, which drew a lot of complaints.

Kirychuck said that Laliberte chose a site, which was approved, but built his cabin elsewhere.

He explained the Ministry tried to work with Laliberte for three years to get the cabin to the approved location.

Lac La Ronge Indian Band Chief Tammy Cook-Searson said she wants the cabin returned to Laliberte so that he can continue trapping.

She expressed that she will work with the Northern Saskatchewan Trappers Association to resolve the issue.

Prince Albert Grand Council Chief Brian Hardlotte said building a cabin is a protected activity and that he will work to help ensure the cabin is returned to its original place.

After warning a Pinehouse trapper that his cabin would be removed, the Environment Ministry stepped in Feb 4, and seized the structure.

The cabin was deemed to be in an unauthorized area.

“The ministry has been attempting to work with a cabin owner in the Pinehouse Lake area since the fall of 2016, when his application to build on a popular recreationally used site was denied, and he was requested to select an alternative site.  The individual chose to build on the unapproved location, restricting others’ use of the area, and resulting in numerous complaints to the ministry,” the Ministry said. The cabin was located within an eight kilometer structure moratorium on the Key Lake road.

(Photo: Cabin being removed. Photo submitted.)