Wild rice growers will see changes to the licensing and permitting processes in April.

The Environment Ministry is offering a four-year permit, which could be converted to a 10-year license.

The permit, which must be renewed annually, will allow a grower time to establish a crop in a plot.

“For a short period of time, while you’re trying to establish a plot, you cannot invest in it for a long term, a ten-year term. But rather see if it’s going to work out and if it does, get a license that provides more certainty for the full ten years,” said Chuck Lees, Assistant Executive Director Fish, Wildlife and Lands Branch.

The Ministry said it wants to clarify and streamline the management of wild rice. If after three to four years, a crop is not as prosperous as the grower wants, an amendment to their permit can be made to move to a different plot and restart the process.

Fees the 2019-20;
permit per hectare $0.33 (minimum $6.50 charge)
licence per hectare $3.30 (minimum $33.00 charge)

Fees for 2020-21;
permit per hectare $0.40 (minimum $8.00 charge)
licence per hectare $4.00 (minimum $40.00 charge)

“The fees charged for permits and licences differ, with an administration fee ($117 before April 1, 2020, and $200 after) and slightly higher annual fees for the security of a longer-term disposition,” stated the Ministry.