A Rosthern woman is hoping to recover a couple of traditional Métis items that were stolen during a vehicle break-in in downtown Saskatoon over the weekend.

Susan Burke says her 19-year-old daughter Kate Boyer was part of a traditional dance performance at Station 20 West on Saturday night.

Kate had left a bag containing her yellow moccasins and blue sash in her boyfriend’s car and the bag was stolen when the vehicle was broken into sometime late Saturday evening or early Sunday morning.

Aside from being used by her daughter on a regular basis for dancing, Burke said the moccasins and sash have a lot of sentimental significance to the family.

“The moccasins are a beautiful, fully beaded yellow moccasin that were gifted by a family friend who, after her dad died, kind of filled in for him for a little bit, just looking out for Kate,” she said.

The blue sash had originally been worn by Burke’s late husband Terry.

Burke said the outpouring of support so far from friends, family and on social media has been tremendous and she has just a few words for the culprits that took the items.

“Please, just return them. They really won’t be worth very much to them and they’re worth everything to us.”

The car had been in public parking under the Idylwyld Drive overpass when the break-in happened.

(PHOTO: The traditional Métis moccasins that were stolen, along with a blue sash, from Susan Burke’s family in a vehicle break-in in Saskatoon over the weekend. Photo courtesy Susan Burke.)