The Onion Lake Cree Nation has declared a state of emergency after what the community says were three gang-related deaths in recent weeks.

A press release late Thursday from the First Nation says the the community experienced what are believed to be two gang and drug related incidents only two days before.

The first was the discovery of the body of a man near Onion Lake.

Earlier in the day, RCMP confirmed the body of 32-year-old Braden Richard Bull of Little Pine First Nation, who had been missing since last Friday, was located in the Onion Lake area on Tuesday.

The Onion Lake press release also says a speeding vehicle which crashed into the side of the local arena on Tuesday night is also believed to be gang related.

The community is calling on both the provincial and federal governments to come to the aid of the RCMP which is stretched beyond capacity.

The Onion Lake band leadership is scheduled to hold a press conference Friday morning to address the issue.