The Montreal Lake Cree Nation is separating politics from its businesses, by signing a charter which will create a board of governors and CEO to manage the operations of the economic development arm.

“This business charter is an agreement that outlines how we want to do that, and exactly what everyone’s roles and responsibilities are.  It allows leadership to concentrate on matters of importance to our community members and provides stability for our economic development activities that often takes time to develop,” Chief Frank Roberts said. “I am excited to be signing this business charter, because I believe it is a very positive step toward the long-term objective of wealth sovereignty for Montreal Lake Cree Nation.”

The signing took place on Jan 17.

“The Nations and the Tribes in the United States and Canada that have been successful in creating wealth they’ve done that, they’ve went through that process of creating a separate board of directors and allowing their businesses to operate as businesses,” said Robert Fincati, CEO of Montreal Lake Business Ventures.

Fincati explained this will create investor certainty and confidence for the long-term.

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